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Nanotechnology is the ability to engineer materials at a microscopic level, with world-changing implications.


Coming from the Greek term meaning ‘dwarf’, a Nano is measured as one billionth of a metre. That’s the ridiculously minute scale this technology could work at - enabling atomically precise manufacturing of objects to create new products and new ways of life.


This technology could enable the construction of any object, building something precisely at a molecular level, fusing together atoms in any combination possible to design. It could produce a radical abundance of objects, materials, foods, jewels and other items into the world, and all potentially at low cost.


Considering the process the other way, nanotechnology could enable the breaking down of any material, such as rock, in order to use its atoms in another way. Every living and man-made thing could be created new or re-purposed in this way, transforming our environments on Earth and beyond.

Nanotechnology has profound implications for the human body, with nanobots acting as mechanical surgeons acting within you any second of the day. These autonomous, microscopic robots could be inserted into someone’s blood vessels, investigate malfunctioning organs in your body and instantly fix them. The medical applications of this technology have the potential to eradicate injury and disease, but would require people to be comfortable with relinquishing control of their bodies to miniscule robots acting inside them.


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