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Xenophobia continues in many parts of the Western world, with hatred against minority groups and migrants. However, xenophobia could come to play an even more significant role in the future.


Transhumanism raises the possibility of humans taking on a wide variety of forms. As the concept of the human becomes increasingly fractured through technological changes to human beings, there is increasing scope for dehumanisation – the practice of undermining the humanity of a different group.


Species diversion – that is humans effectively splitting into different species dependent on the technological enhancements used by an individual – potentially gives rise to new forms of xenophobic practices. At the same time, inequalities between groups could lead to social conflicts which may draw upon these differences to create and exacerbate tensions much like the tactics of far right groups now, but with much higher stakes.


Environmental degradation and the impacts of automation on the economy could also leave certain groups outside of the bubble of progress. A significant underclass could develop as a result which could fuel ideas and expressions of xenophobia. At the extreme end of possibilities this confluence of factors could have significant genocidal implications in the future.

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