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We are very likely to be one of the last generations of humans as we currently understand them.


With so many new technologies in existence, it would be misguided to say whether oblivion or God-like powers is what lies in store, or even that such an extreme outcome as one of these two is where we are imminently headed. But there seems little doubt that very significant changes to our social, environmental, economic and political reality are afoot.


We have very little time to help shape the future. Already powerful structural forces exist that limit human agency and inhibit our chances of changing the world for the better. That said, positive visions of the future and pragmatic optimism are necessary to guide change for the better as long as it is coupled with a sober, nuanced understanding of complexity and the myriad dangers humans may face.


Most of all, it is important to recognise that we must meet very real ethical challenges as well as technical ones - if we allow a purely technical mindset to direct our future, it is unlikely to be a bright one. That’s why we need to always ask ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ and ‘when’ in shaping our future.

Zero Hour

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